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April 16, 2013


God’s promises attached to those who share God’s Word

by Dave Malnes

Christians attend conferences, listen to sermons, and study the Bible on how to share God’s Word with others.  Yet, upon entering the real world, good intentions can easily slip through the cracks.  This is why evangelism is not just learning the ropes, but making a commitment.  There comes a point in time when you need to step out of the plane if you always wanted to skydive; step off the board if you have always wanted to do a high dive; or step up to the microphone if you wanted to sing.  Taking that first step of sharing our faith is the same. By overcoming our fears and anxieties, we can be assured that God will not only be well-pleased, but we will also benefit by receiving heavenly blessings that material pursuits can never provide.

A benefit of sharing Christ with others is the opportunity to glorify God

God does wonders with a willing heart. Step by step, hand in hand, God takes people who feel ill-equipped, ill-advised, and ill in the stomach, and moves them to carry out what seems to be the impossible. God has created men and women with tongues to speak, ears to listen, and eyes to see how great the harvest is and the call for workers. Have you noticed in the Bible that there is not a list of qualifications necessary to fulfill the great commission?  Instead of qualifications, we see promises. It all boils down to taking God at His Word. Do we trust in ourselves or do we trust in the power of His Word and the promise of His presence.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus says: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.”  Ask the Lord for an opportunity to witness and you will receive one.  Seek for wisdom in God’s Word and you will find it.  Knock on the door of opportunity and the Lord will certainly find a way to open it in the most unexpected way.  That is the adventure of witnessing! A beautiful fruit tree ripe with delicious fruit, never knows when its fruit will be picked.  A person embarking on the adventure of sharing God’s Word never knows when that opportunity will come. When you least expect it, a person will come to ask a question with an open heart and a desire to hear the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ.

God does promise blessings to those who embark on the adventure of witnessing, although these blessings won’t always be obvious.   You will not receive riches for witnessing.  Not everyone will support you in your efforts.   There is a good chance you will never know how the Lord used you in the process of bringing a soul to heaven.  However, you will certainly receive a heavenly reward.  I am convinced that in heaven you will be approached and thanked by those you touched on their own journey to faith.  And you are going to be surprised by who all those people may be!

Take some time to prepare for the great adventure of sharing God’s Word and be a willing vessel that God can use to bring as many people as possible to heaven.

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  1. Edy Meredith
    Apr 17 2013

    The clothes the girls are wearing in the photo are immodest according to Mormon standards, and might distress mormons that Christians want to tell the gospel to.


    • Dave Malnes
      Apr 18 2013

      Hi Edy. Your comment certainly may be true. I think the loving thing to do is to be aware of what bothers people, whether they are Mormon or not, and be sympathetic to them. For these reasons, the Apostle Paul says that even though its okay to eat meat sacrificed to idols, it might be offensive to some. So the loving thing to do is to refrain. In regards to Mormons, it really depends on each individual as it relates to dress. Modesty and appropriate dress is very important. At the same time, Christians don’t have to go overboard, but be mindful. In other words, a Christian who attempts to dress just like a Mormon to share God’s Word with a Mormon, may appear as if they are making fun of Mormons. So, you have to be careful. You may also notice in the picture that the two women are drinking something hot — coffee or tea. That would probably be far more offensive to a faithful Mormon than what the woman is wearing.


      • Edy Meredith
        Apr 18 2013

        I thought of hot chocolate. You are correct. We need to be aware of sensitivities and be led by the Spirit.


      • Dave Malnes
        Apr 19 2013

        That’s interesting that we arrived at difference impressions of the same picture. What is offensive to some could be fine with others. Simply being aware of that is a great first step.


      • Edy Meredith
        Apr 20 2013

        I am a former mormon and I have never drunk coffee or caffinated tea. Perhaps that’s why hot chocolate came to mind. The original Word of Wisdom actually said “hot drinks” I believe.


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