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February 22, 2014

3 Reasons why sharing our faith is like doing God a favor

by Dave Malnes

When reading Matthew 28:18-20 where it gives us the great commission of teaching, baptizing, and making disciples of all nations, we tend to forget the promise attached at the end where Jesus promises to always be with us.

Even though these verses are called a commission, I wonder if it’s less of a command and more of a favor.

Do we sin if we don’t share God’s Word with others?  Is our salvation in jeopardy if we fail to go, teach, and baptize? Of course not.  Faith alone receives all the benefits of what Christ has already done for us on the cross.

But what if a next door neighbor came by and asked a favor to borrow a cup of sugar.  We give without hesitation.  Why?  Because it’s being nice and neighborly.

What if your spouse asks you a favor to drop by the grocery store and pick up bread, milk and a dozen eggs on the way home from work? Most of us would do it.  Why?  Because we love our spouse.

What if the governor of your state personally asks a favor of having you represent the state at a national conference in Washington D.C.?  Whether or not we accept the governor’s inviation, we would be honored by request.

Perhaps God is asking us for a favor. He is grabbing us by the elbow and asking if we could deliver a message for him. There is a person He has set aside just for us. There will be a divine appointment that seems like an accident. God wants us to accept His invitation to plant the seeds of His Word by delivering a message at just the right time and at just the right place.

Is God asking you a favor?

Is God asking you a favor?

Our eyes typically do not see what work has been done before us. We don’t see how God has already tilled the ground of their hearts. In that difficult and miraculous journey of faith, God uses his messengers to continue that process until that time when faith is received.

If God asks you a favor would you do it? Why?

Three reasons why sharing our faith is like doing God a favor.

1)         Because He asked us. This is one way of loving our neighbor.

2)         Because we love Him.  This is one way of expressing our love.

3)         Because we are honored.  Almighty God, King of Kings, has asked us to represent Him — to be His ambassador.

Perhaps there is more to the Great Commission than we first thought.

How do we know when God is asking us a favor? We ask Him to open our eyes and our ears to opportunities to be His witnesses and be willing to say yes.

There is no greater love expressed, no better way to love our neighbor more than ourselves, than to share that all-important message of salvation.

And God is always with us to supply the message, the opportunity, and the strength. We just don’t share His Word, but we also share His presence.

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