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Day Nine: Mission to Utah Video Journal

What is it like going door-to-door in Provo, Utah and introducing people to the true gospel of Jesus Christ? The following is a brief review of the day.


Sharing the Message of the Cross

Good Friday is an opportunity for Christians to reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death, His sacrifice and our redemption. We focus on the cross because it is God’s answer to our sin. In Christ alone, our sins are fully forgiven and we are worthy before God. In this peace and assurance, we celebrate Easter Sunday with songs of “Hallelujah! He is Risen!”

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Is God’s grace sufficient in our lives?

Human nature easily buys into the notion that we can follow the example of Christ and be rewarded eternally for our efforts. We hasten to believe that the wages of our efforts will allow us to purchase a tiny piece of heaven. This makes sense because it seems fair.

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Are you perfect in Christ?

What is your definition of a Christian?

With a word that contains a variety of connotations, I believe the Bible defines a Christian in one short statement:

One who is already perfect in Christ. Do you agree?

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Touring through Houston and San Antonio

Upon arriving late into the night in San Antonio, Texas, I woke up early on Sunday morning to make the drive on I-10 to Houston. With minimal traffic on the freeway, I was able to watch the darkness slowly transform into dawn. With Texas providing a vast, open landscape, the colors of the awakening sunlight prompts one to pause and wonder. Dawn is God’s way of introducing creation. It gives off a different light as if to reintroduce to ourselves the hills and the trees as a reminder that these were made with a purpose in mind — for our enjoyment.

My destination was Houston. I was coming to Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Sienna Plantation. They recently opened a new K-8 school, Sienna Lutheran Academy, and were now  conducting worship services in the new gym. Sienna Plantation is on the southwest part of Houston. It’s a growing and developing area. Bordering the school grounds on one side is a large public high school and on the other a cattle ranch. Calves were frolicking in the cool dawn when I arrived at the facility.

Sienna Lutheran Academy  in Sienna Plantation, TX - southwest Houston.

Sienna Lutheran Academy in Sienna Plantation, TX – southwest Houston.

The people greeted me with great enthusiasm and there was a nice turnout during the Bible study hour which is held prior to the worship service. And I met Britney and Steve. Britney grew up Mormon in a small town in eastern Utah. She expressed great appreciation for our approach of speaking the truth in love, plus shared her story of coming to the Christian faith. I encouraged her to share her story and look forward to featuring it in the upcoming spring newsletter of Truth in Love Ministry.

In my travels to Texas throughout this spring, a person just can’t be able to grasp just how large the metropolitan cities can be. Endless freeways and connections. Freeway ramps are like sky bridges. And, if there is any construction going on, a person like myself can get easily lost. Then, there’s the toll roads. Determined this time not to utilize a toll road and not spend the $15-20 a day to get a toll pass for my rental car, I invested my time in plotting out my routes to avoid them at all cost. I was successful in doing that. But, it did take extra time. I’m amazed that it took me 45 minutes from going to southwest Houston to southeast Houston.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Houston, TX.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Houston, TX.

Thankfully, I arrived at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church by Cypress in time for a potluck supper and a presentation that evening. My trip in Houston concluded by visiting with pastors and friends of Truth in Love Ministry before heading back to San Antonio.

This was my first trip to San Antonio. I arrived and left in the dark, so this time I was able to enjoy and appreciate the landscape. Cross of Christ Lutheran Church is located in Universal City which is northeast of the city. Driving by Randolph Air Force base, I successfully made the correct turns and arrived at the church in plenty of time. I had a wonderful dinner with Mike and Wendy and appreciated the opportunity to share about our ministry to the members who came to the presentation that evening.

I love travelling and making presentations about TILM. The highlight is always meeting people. It’s a privilege that the Lord could use a ministry like ours to encourage people to not only grow in the faith, but also to share it.

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