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Three reasons why proclaiming the gospel to friends and strangers is so terrifying for Christians

When angels spoke to people in the Bible their first words were usually, “Do not be afraid!”

When Jesus sent out his disciples (Matthew 10) to the towns and villages to proclaim His name, he only gave them six words – simple and straight-forward. He spent the rest of the chapter letting them know how challenging it was going to be.

Evangelism is difficult and scary!

Some people think that sharing the gospel is terrifying because they don’t know what to say or feel that they just can’t do it.

I don’t believe that is true.

There is something deeper and more prevailing that causes terror for Christians when the invitation to proclaim the gospel is graciously extended by the gospel. Read more »


Praise and Proclaim Ministries launches campaign in Temple, Texas

On a hot and humid Saturday in Temple, Texas, a group of members from Trinity Lutheran Church and a few guests from nearby Austin gathered together to walk the streets and proclaim the gospel. After a full evening of training, they were ready to go. And the Lord blessed their efforts. Not only were a number of gospel seeds planted, but they were blessed with the experience of verbally proclaiming the message of salvation to lost souls in their community.

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Five ways to test God to help deepen our trust in Him

The reality of Christ living in us is not about how we feel from day-to-day, but how we are resting in God’s promises. We taste and see His grace by the fruits of His Spirit within us. They take visible form in how we respond to life with a measure of patience, joy, peace, and kindness. These fruit are not a byproduct of strenuous effort, nor are they a reward for good behavior, but an outward result of an inward presence of Christ.

By remaining in Christ, we witness well to others. We not only are willing to step out of our comfort zones to proclaim the good news, but we introduce His presence in two distinct ways: 1) through His Word, and 2) through His fruits of the Spirit within us.

Sharing God’s Word with those lost in unbelief is not necessarily about what we say, but who we are introducing!

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Words of hope when evangelism feels like swimming upstream

Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to share our faith with others?

Witnessing runs contrary to our human nature. It is not a natural reflex. It’s like swimming upstream and fighting a strong current. We easily succumb to the natural forces and pressures from the world. We easily lose our footing by focusing on our self rather than trusting in God’s promises.

Evangelism is difficult because it requires heavy lifting. And it’s usually the heavy stones that we have placed on our path that continually get in our way. Boulders of guilt. Stones of distraction. We quickly talk ourselves out from from stepping in to divine opportunities. And besides, our human nature would rather not be bothered.

God’s Word provides believers with both a clue and encouragement on how to remove these heavy stones.

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God provides cover for those who share God’s Word

A hand seems to reach down from the heavens and places in our hearts the words of comfort and assurance … “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.”

In these words of comfort, we are given glimpses of how God uses His heavenly hosts – the angels – to guide, comfort, and protect.

These promises become even more real when believers step out of our comfort zone and share God’s Word with others.

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